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Frequently Asked Question

All the higher education institutes and their students, faculty are encouraged to submit their technology and innovation to us. MHRD’s Innovation Cell will ensure that you have right platform and support for your technology/innovation. After receiving technology/innovation disclosure, we will process the information provided by you and will be in touch to discuss the next steps.

You can submit your technology and innovation to us by submitting technology disclosure form. You can make submission through online mode. For this, you will need to first create your Yukti 2.0 Account and log in to it.

Yes, more than one technology or innovation can be submitted using single user login. After submission of one technology disclosure, option for submitting another technology will be enabled and you can proceed for another submission. You can see all the innovation/technology disclosures submitted by you under ‘All Innovations’ in your Yukti 2.0 account.

If you have developed a technology or working on an innovation, which is ready for commercialization, or currently in a pre-commercialized stage however holds commercial value for future, or you are a startup from academic institute, then go ahead for submission of technology to us.

If your innovation is in any of the following stage: Commercialized, Soft Launched, Assembly Set Up, Product, Piolet, Concept, Idea then you can submit your innovation to us.

Innovation Cell of MHRD is working for fostering innovation ecosystem in the country specifically in academics. MIC is conducting various such programs including Smart India Hackathon, Institution’s Innovation Council, Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievement, guidelines on Innovation and Startup Policy for academics.

You will be provided opportunities for networking and business pitching. Inventors will also get the opportunity to connect to their nearest incubators along with funding support for the technologies. Selected startups from institutions will also be provided an opportunity to participate in International startup exposure programs. The inventor will also get the opportunity to learn from the network of mentors and experts.

Yes, Yukti 2.0 is a repository of all technologies and innovations coming out from the higher education institutions. The received technologies may be in pre-commercialized or commercialized stage.

In case of multi institutional nature, disclosure should include name and other details of all such contributors, even if they don’t belong to your organization.

We will process the information provided by you as per the official procedures/processes duly approved by the competent authorities at MIC/AICTE. Any decision taken on further processing and consideration of innovations/technologies/startups for subsequent support/handholding by MIC/ AICTE, itself or through its collaborators/ stakeholders/partners/network organizations and time taken for the same would be at the discretion of decision body as per the official process and approval of the competent authority. Any decision taken in this regard by the competent authority will be considered as final.

In case the details submitted by you, are found to be false/misleading, MIC/AICTE/competent authority/decision body will have full right not to further process the submission for consideration of support.

Any support provided by us directly or indirectly to the user of this platform for supporting/ funding/handholding the innovations/technologies will be duly acknowledged by the user and all related information which is sought by us in due course of time, including the progress/status report, etc. would be shared in stipulated time, whenever required/ demanded for official purposes.

Based on the information submitted to us, we will do screening and assessment for identifying suitable approach for handholding. Submission of business plan will help us in faster decision making.