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About Yukti 2.0

You Innovate We Support! This is the soul behind YUKTI 2.0

What we strive for?

YUKTI 2.0 team will make every possible effort to support the startups and technologies from academic institutions by connecting with mentors/ trainers, providing the outreach and facilitating the connect with potential investors. Our young entrepreneurs are capable of thinking innovatively and we strive to make every possible effort to handhold them converting their ideas into enterprises. Through YUKTI 2.0, we invite Academic Entrepreneurs and Startups to participate. Yuki 2.0 will help in fostering the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in our education institutions, as mentioned by Union Minister of Education during the launch.

Who can Register?

The platform is open for everyone form the Indian academic institutes, who has developed a technology or working on an innovation, either ready for commercialization, or in a pre-commercialized stage however holds commercial value in future. Registration can be done by any of the following: